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The changes that have been expected

New Brand

Innovative brand of Russian police turned to law enforcement officials and citizens of the Russian Federation through the plain language of contemporary visual communications.

It’s prestigious to be a police officer

An image of a fair defender and guarantor of a security is supported now by additional financing, staff retraining, changes in organizational structure and management system, etc.


New politsiya’s fleet will be supplemented by economical hybrid cars of domestic production with ecological engines.

New style

A new style feature a unique type face and an ornament based on Russian three-colored flag. Rich rhythmic ornament highlights politsiya’s means of transport and uniform in environment.

The police stations

The government appropriate funds for improving working conditions of police officers and facilities of a police service. New police stations are architectural buildings made of steel and glass. It confirms an image of an up to date and open agency. New police is transparent and open.

The changes that have been expected

Giving to “militsiya” a new name - “politsiya” have caused a fair amount of controversy due to the absence of real changes. Though changes coming really soon. By the end of 2012 politsiya is going not only to have a new look but also to improve its inner situation.